SQAS Certificate


State of the art wash is itself a certificate of a quality of services and my dedication and passion to work. Four stations for HGV, comfortable facilities for customers and employees and monitored parking.

We issue a EFTCO certificate.

Privacy policy

Experience and professionalism

Since 12 years we wash and disinfect heavy goods vehicles, specialised vehicles, tanker trailers and oversized vehicles.

Launched in January 2014 new wash provides four washing stations, including:

  • Washing of grocery tanker trailers:
    4 washing nozzles, steam, drying.
  • Washing of chemical tanker trailers: 4 washing nozzles, steam at a temperature of up to 170°C, heating with steam at pressure of 2 to 10 bar, drying.
  • Station with automatic brush for cleaning outside of any vehicle.
  • Station for cleaning and disinfecting of specialised vehicles like: vehicles for transportation of live animals, road construction vehicles, excavators and other oversized vehicles.

Quick cleaning time

State of the art automatic cleaning brush allows to reduce cleaning time to 12 minutes. We are aware of meticulousness of our clients, therefore rims, wheels and nooks are treated manually without extension of cleaning time.

Respect for the environment

We care about the environment. We use the latest generation of products for washing with valid permits and characteristics cards, produced by market-leading and reliable companies.

Our wash was built under the supervision of environmental protection inspector and in accordance with current regulations. We possess sewage treatment plant - we recycle and re-use the water for initial wash.

Driver comfort

Especially for our customers we have:

  • Comfortable waiting room with TV and WiFi
  • Possibility to use the shower
  • Parking
  • Delicious coffee and cookies – always


Dalke wash is located at main access road to Szczecin - number 6, 10.

Detailed location map is available in the contact section.